Your music school for children and adults in Munich.

We would be happy to invite you to a trial lesson.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

We would be happy to invite you to a trial lesson. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Musikstunde München: The school of music in your city

Music lessons for children and adults

"When the words stop, the music begins".

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Making music is easy with us

"Music gives a soul to our hearts, gives wings to our thoughts, makes the imagination blossom." - Plato

Music is resonance. And this resonance is much more than a physical process: music moves people and creates an emotional, social and aesthetic resonance in them - it touches and in that we share the touch through music with others, music becomes a social medium. Music is also a universal language that unites all cultures of the world - everyone can learn and understand it.

We would like to accompany beginners and advanced students of all ages in learning this universal language. Musikstunde München" was founded by trained musicians and music educators. We rely on first-class music teachers with experience in teaching music at music schools and music academies as well as in concert practice. 

At our school you will find only high-quality musical instruments as well as bright and friendly classrooms, so that you or your child will feel completely comfortable at our school.

Student testimonials: What our students say about us

Students about us

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Parents of our students about us

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The trial lesson is free of charge.

We usually reply
within 48 hours.

We usually reply within 48 hours.

Private music schools and public music schools:
The pillars of musical education in Munich

The "Musikstunde München" is one of the independent private music schools which, along with the public singing and music schools in Munich, form the most important pillar of music education. Private and public music schools complement each other. The range of instruction offered by public music schools has been strictly defined in the Bavarian Sing- und Musikschulverordnung. Private music schools have greater freedom with regard to their own range of classes, which enables modern and individual musical support for our music students.

Member of the Federal Association of Independent Music Schools e. V.

Tamino Rat, principal of "Musikstunde München," is second chairman of the board of the Landesverband der freien Musikinstitute Bayern e. V. (Bavarian Association of Independent Music Institutes). The association, along with the Bundesverband der freien Musikschulen e. V., advocates free access to high-quality music education. Musikstunde München is a member of both associations.

Like public music schools, Bavarian private music schools have been eligible for funding from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts since 2013, thus recognizing the high value of qualified music instruction at private music schools.

The basic structure of a music school:
Instrumental and vocal lessons:

Your unique advantages with us

Your unique
advantages with us

Individual private lessons

Instrumental lessons are tailored to you and your learning goals. 

Early Support

Children as young as 4 years old can take instrumental or vocal lessons with us at

High quality instruments

High-quality instruments train our students' hearing and fine motor skills from the very beginning.

Student Concerts

Once a year our students have the opportunity to show their skills at a student concert.

Qualified lecturers

All of our teachers have graduated from a renowned music academy.

Intensive promotion

Upon request, we also prepare our students specifically for competitions or the entrance examination to a music conservatory. 

Music lessons with highly qualified vocal and instrumental teachers

Our music teachers are young instrumentalists and have completed their education at internationally renowned conservatories. They all have experience in giving instrumental lessons at music schools and even at music academies as well as in concert practice. This is how we guarantee excellent teaching quality for our students. For our music teachers, too, their musical career usually began with attendance at a music school.

Highly qualified

Our instrumental and vocal teachers have successfully completed their education at internationally renowned music academies and conservatories.

Teaching Experience

Our music teachers have several years of experience in teaching children, teenagers, adults and seniors at music schools. Some of them also teach at music colleges.

Stage Experienced

Our instrumentalists and singers are not only active as teachers at music schools, but also perform regularly in concerts and have practical stage experience due to their own concert activities.


At our music school, instrumentalists and singers teach who are winners of well-known music competitions and have also been awarded for their pedagogical achievements. 


In order to optimally accompany our students on their way to becoming musicians, we place special emphasis on the fact that our music teachers are empathetic and have social competence.


Our teachers specialize in different genres, performance levels and objectives. We are happy to help you find the right music teacher for you or your child!

Musical samples from our music school teachers

Musical samples
of our music school teachers*.

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Our artistic director Ran Deng plays "Vallée d'Obermann" by Franz Liszt.

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Instructor Svetlana Marinchenko won first place at the 2016 Steinway Jazz Piano Competition.

Students' voices:
What students and parents say about us


170 Google reviews


Music student

Absolutely competent & flexible teachers. I've only been a student since June and have already made huge progress. Worth every penny!

Anthony Baurand

Father of a music student

Great experience at the school. Our son started 2 years ago and he is thrilled, we are too 🙂

Michael Kuss

Music student

Good piano lessons on beautiful piano in pleasant atmosphere and central location. Clear recommendation.

Ricarda Victoria Spohr

Music student

For over 1 year I have been taking weekly piano lessons (45 min each). The communication with the piano school as well as with my teacher works flawlessly and very quickly. In addition, the appointment is very flexible (even in addition to study / work).

S.C. Yau

Mother of a music student

I am very happy that I found Ms. Deng as a piano teacher for my son 2 years ago. She is very loving and patient with my little one and a very competent teacher with passion. Thanks to Ms. Deng and Mr. Council, my 6 year old son has had 4 concerts and 2 competitions within 2 years so far. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great lessons.

Majid Latif

Music student

Been in piano lessons for 2 years and have a very inspiring teacher. No pressure, just the focus on letting out what is musically in me. In short: an enrichment. Change is out of the question.

First class music lessons at fair prices

Premium Membership

109€ / 149€ / 179€ per month
  •   30 / 45 / 60 minutes per week
  •    For children, teenagers and adults
  •    4 weeks trial period
  •  Classes with university graduate
  •  Lessons on high quality instrument
  •   No registration fee
  •   1 student concert / year (voluntary)
  •  Personal instrument purchase consultation
  •    Rent instrument cheaply instead of buying

Prepaid card

55€ / 66€ per unit
  •  45 / 60 minutes per unit
  •    For adults
  •  10 lessons
  •   6 months validity
  •  Classes with university graduate
  •  Lessons on high quality instrument
  •   No registration fee

Premium Membership

By purchasing a Premium Membership, you will receive a weekly lesson schedule that will help ensure that you take music lessons on a regular basis, which is the most important requirement for continued progress in music schools.

Prepaid card

With our ten-ticket we offer students who need flexibility the possibility to plan their music lessons individually and flexibly. The tuition fee is 55€ for 45 minutes or 66€ for 60 minutes of music lessons.

Four weeks trial period: your satisfaction guarantee

During the first four weeks of the Premium Membership there is a trial period, during which the membership can be cancelled at any time at the end of the trial period.

Taster card: the ideal gift

If you are interested in giving a friend music lessons at a music school, it is possible to purchase a voucher from us.

We are also happy to help you
with the purchase of your own instrument

If you do not yet have an instrument at home, this is not a problem. We are happy to offer personal advice on choosing your own instrument. In addition, our students receive discounts on the purchase or rental of an instrument from our partners.

Getting started with learning a musical instrument

Would you like to learn a new musical instrument? Your child is interested in music and would like to learn to play the piano, harp, singing or violin? 

Then our free and non-binding trial lesson is the best opportunity to get to know us and the new instrument. It's best to sign up right now - we look forward to seeing you!


"Joy, in the music and in making music, is the key to quick learning success. See for yourself and arrange a free trial lesson for yourself or your child now. We look forward to seeing you!"

Tamino Council, M.Sc.
Director of Musikstunde Munich
Vice Chairman of the Landesverband der freien Musikinstitute Bayern e. V.

The trial lesson is free of charge.

We usually reply
within 48 hours.

We usually reply within 48 hours.

Recognized as an educational institution by

Educational institution recognized by the government of Upper Bavaria
according to § 4 No. 21 a) bb) UStG

Official member of the

Member of the state association
of independent music institutes
Bayern e. V.

Member of the Federal Association
of Independent Music Schools e. V.

Member of the German Tonkünstlerverband e. V.